I’ve been working – Work in Progress

Hello everyone.. sorry about taking so long to publish a new post.. I’ve been busy and in a mild funk to boot.. but more of that in another post. I’ve been working hard, new website Vivanteart.com – I would love for you to check it out! it’s still early days with it and I need to make it responsive – so apologies to phone and tablet users it’s coming! and new business cards too! In a related note, you may…

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Some new creations

It’s been a little while since my last post.. so I thought I’d share this graphite surrealistic drawing I just completed in my sketchbook/journal… And this one is a work in progress that I am going to color with watercolors in experimentation of the style I used in the previous female portrait.. something small and simple.. I’m hoping to complete this over the next day – I’ll look forward to sharing the result! 🙂

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