At last – website refresh!

At last the thing that’s been in the way of creating fresh art apart from some silly notebook scribbles! It’s taken a while and been a little frustrating as I took my wordpress site and morphed it into a self hosted completely redesigned using Adobe Muse. I also took the time to make sure it is responsive so it should look okay in most devices, phones to desktops and just about everything in between. Check it out here at…

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Hey there.. remember last post when I said I had some more news? well here it is… Welcome to my Blog – it’s the same blog but it’s just being served on my own hosting/server! thank you goes to my friend Conor Treacy and his recommendation of who have been tremendous help in getting everything from my site/blog to the new server as well as helping me organise the uploading my new site now live!  My new website…

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