New piece “Snowboarder”

Here is my latest large piece at 17.5 x 22″ on Fabriano Artistico Extra White Hotpress 140lb/300gsm paper. I had the image/concept going around my head for some time so I decided to let it out! I also kept a record of my steps.. to start – the final piece. It’s interesting to note, that I haven’t skied since the mid eighties! and skiing or snowboarding doesn’t hold any particular interest with me, however as an artist I find the…

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I’ve been working – Work in Progress

Hello everyone.. sorry about taking so long to publish a new post.. I’ve been busy and in a mild funk to boot.. but more of that in another post. I’ve been working hard, new website Vivanteart.com – I would love for you to check it out! it’s still early days with it and I need to make it responsive – so apologies to phone and tablet users it’s coming! and new business cards too! In a related note, you may…

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Ode to Pears!

Here they are – the completed pairs. 7 x 5″ on fabriano heavy watercolor paper, using my Uniball rollerball pen and Cotman watercolors. We have a large tree in our backyard that was very productive this year and we have many pairs around the kitchen so I decided to use that as my muse..

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