Resurrecting the Blog – The Dawn of a new Adventure and awakening

Hi there, blimey it’s been nearly two years since my last post.. Life since then for me has been rocky where I suffered a relatively severe bout of depression and following from that, anxiety and a total lack of motivation and focus on what I want and need to do. So here I am divorced and flatting with a high school class mate. I feel like I am awakening from a coma or deep sleep… two years of just getting…

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Hey there.. remember last post when I said I had some more news? well here it is… Welcome to my Blog – it’s the same blog but it’s just being served on my own hosting/server! thank you goes to my friend Conor Treacy and his recommendation of who have been tremendous help in getting everything from my site/blog to the new server as well as helping me organise the uploading my new site now live!  My new website…

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