I’ve had an interest in Photography ever since I was helped to make a pinhole camera with a milo tin in primary school.

As I grew up I had a few point and shoot cameras but it wasn’t a big thing until I became a full time graphic designer and needed to take photographs of products and locations. I got my hands on my first DSLR through work in the early 2000’s and got the hang of the photography through that work.

These days I am taking photos of my world around me and specifically the subjects I am most interested in being automotive and street… I love going to car shows, the shapes and details really speak to my fine art and design passions. I also enjoy taking street photos too, there again so many different shapes and light through buildings, roads and people!

The photography I generally do today become my fine art and design muse for tomorrow.. .but if you need some even photography or product shots for your business I am confident that I can provide you with what you need!


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