Fine Art

Hi welcome to the Fine Art portion of my website. I have made art since I was about 2 years old when I got hold of my mothers lipstick and decided the bedroom needed a frieze! LOL.

All through my life art has always been at the center of my life.. and it has always been my best and most favourite subject through school. I went on after school to embark on a Diploma of Visual Communication (Graphic Design) through Christchurch (New Zealand) Polytechnic Institute – Now called Ara Institute.

I wanted to do art for a job and Graphic Design seemed to be the best vehicle for that, and though I failed my first year – I continued to continue to teach myself and do the occasional freelance job.

I really should have gone to University – everything is so different now.

After being employed for 20 or so years, I decided to go back to steadfastly give Fine Art a go. I spent two years obtaining a diploma of art and creativity and art and creativity Honors via correspondence to the Wellington (New Zealand) based Learning Connexion which I passed!

The last years have been spent working and experimenting with various media and styles. I like graphite the best as I find the tactility of the graphite on the paper very therapeutic! I have been involved in a few exhibitions so far unfortunately with poor results. But I am undaunted and will carry on… somehow I want to fuse some graphic design styles and digital with analogue art tools and techniques.

I hope you enjoy my work – I want to help the world in some way through my artwork, so far I haven’t quite found it yet but you can bet I am doing my best to work on it!


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