Graphic Design

Graphic Design was the direction I decided to take in my last year of High School, and geared that last years artwork towards applying and getting into the then Christchurch Polytechnic Institute (now Ara) Visual Communication Course. Sadly I didn’t make it to second year but continued to practice and self teach.

I’ve been a designer for around 30 years now, 20 of which I was employed full time. These days I am working towards freelance design work particularly in the print arena. I have recently created new business card designs for some local fellow artists.

Over those 30 years I have built up many skills relating to providing design for print on any substrate from labels and packaging to large billboards and everything in between.

Logos, business cards and stationery are my strongest and most favourite items to create. I also have plans to do more design work for posters where I can use my fine art skills with design and digital tools to create effective posters for events and marketing.

If you need anything, drop me an email or a call and we’ll talk, I am sure I can help you! Cheers!

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