At last some new art…. Plus more news shortly

Hi there readers… I know I haven’t posted anything for a wee while, I have been somewhat stranded between busy and procrastinating badly! more about that in my next post.. but to whet some appetites here’s some new art.. I finished this drawing a few days ago.. I especially enjoyed using the 6B pencil on the sky area.. And these two… “Little Orange Vespa” are 6 x 4 heavy CP watercolor paper. My reference image was thanks to and…

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Something a bit different

Hi there, I wanted to share this piece I completed yesterday… I decided to get back to some ink and watercolor, and play with using a photo as the basis for a piece – I want to work towards fusing my stream of consciousness abstractions with real images/photos.. and this was the result! I’d love to know what you think!!!¬†ref Photo Drew Hays – ¬†Thanks Drew!

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ANZAC – Gallipoli 100 years Tribute

FINISHED! for those following! – I had this idea in my head that had to be executed and here’s the final finished piece! My tribute to the ANZACs of Gallipoli – 100 years ago on the 4/25 1915 … it was great that I was able to use my gold and silver Faber Castell watercolor pencils for the lettering! – I am very pleased with the outcome of this piece and just my small contribution towards gratitude of what those…

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