It’s been waaayyy too long!! Time to share some stuff!

Hi there viewers, it’s been quite sometime since I lasted posted anything here.. the last couple of months have been unusually busy for me in a good way! I have been involved in a local Craft and Design Show as well as participated within the Skulltopia exhibition as well.. which has opened a few new opportunities that will be very helpful in assisting me in moving forwards.. I have decided that I REALLY need to get back into the swing…

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Street Photography – Christchurch, New Zealand

Hi everyone, last Monday I decided to give my photography skills a test and do some street photography in the central business district (CBD) of the city I live in – Christchurch, New Zealand which is currently about half way through it’s rebuild after the very destructive earthquakes of later 2010 and early 2011. I just wanted to capture sights of the city mid morning and just catch people doing regular things at various parts from the still semi demolished…

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I’ve been working – Work in Progress

Hello everyone.. sorry about taking so long to publish a new post.. I’ve been busy and in a mild funk to boot.. but more of that in another post. I’ve been working hard, new website – I would love for you to check it out! it’s still early days with it and I need to make it responsive – so apologies to phone and tablet users it’s coming! and new business cards too! In a related note, you may…

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Hey there.. remember last post when I said I had some more news? well here it is… Welcome to my Blog – it’s the same blog but it’s just being served on my own hosting/server! thank you goes to my friend Conor Treacy and his recommendation of who have been tremendous help in getting everything from my site/blog to the new server as well as helping me organise the uploading my new site now live!  My new website…

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My first showing in a truly public space!

Firstly I want to very much thank Steve Cousins of Hagley Park Art Gallery (and Cafe) for giving me the opportunity to get my work on a wall in the gallery and getting my work in front of a wider group of people… it gives me more confidence in knowing that I am on the right path and moving forward in the right direction. There’s also going to be a “meet the artist” evening in late June this year!! I’ll…

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