Good Bye 2016…

Hi there, yes it’s been another long while since I last posted…. the last few months have been harder than I expected which in turn yielded some unexpected effects on me in many ways.. I’m working up the courage to share this with you soon.. I am discarding 2016 as a snake discards it’s old skin so that everything can begin again anew in the New Year and beyond.. I haven’t been totally idle.. doing a lot research and thinking over…

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Owl – Prep drawing

Hi, I thought I’d share this drawing of an Owl as a preparatory drawing for my next piece for someone very very special 🙂 Please excuse the graininess I had to shoot the photo in less than ideal light and had to use a higher ISO to get a reasonably crisp image.

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Artwork for Mother’s Day

Hi there, I thought I’d share this piece I created for my mother for Mother’s Day. I couldn’t think what to buy her, so I created this based on a photo (you might have seen) 🙂 of the little native fantail that visits my Dad in his garage/workshop on an almost daily basis! 8 x 11″ Bockingford 300gsm/140lb watercolor paper Faber Castell Durer watercolor pencils

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