A morning at the beach

Hi there, I went to my local beach last week and had a go at getting better with my photography… so here’s some of the result.. I hope you like them… I enjoyed using Lightroom to make some insipid mid morning shots look quite moody! I was also pleased with the relatively sharp focus I was able to achieve… I’m also open to critique and comments..      

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Owl – Prep drawing

Hi, I thought I’d share this drawing of an Owl as a preparatory drawing for my next piece for someone very very special 🙂 Please excuse the graininess I had to shoot the photo in less than ideal light and had to use a higher ISO to get a reasonably crisp image.

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Hi everyone, I created this one in my cartridge sketchbook over the last several days while watching, and listening to things on my computer – and waiting for various people to get back to me for one reason or another… I’m quite happy with this one, I may use it as the template for a large full color piece in the future.

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