Hi there, blimey it’s been nearly two years since my last post.. Life since then for me has been rocky where I suffered a relatively severe bout of depression and following from that, anxiety and a total lack of motivation and focus on what I want and need to do.

So here I am divorced and flatting with a high school class mate. I feel like I am awakening from a coma or deep sleep… two years of just getting by day to day and trying to find a new path with new goals and dreams… and the time has come to kick myself in the pants and get things moving.. I have done a lot of abstract and surreal drawings, at least I have managed to continue creativity in this guise. I’ve also been cultivating a new passion for supercars and hypercars as well as Volkswagen Buses/Kombis and Beetles! I have ideas rolling about my head for pieces but I have yet to get started on these.. did I mention that procrastination was also a very good friend of mine over this period, but slowly I am letting go of him!!! Now I am finding the confidence, energy and focus to get this new blog post out.

There’s love involved from a very long way away and that’s part of the adventure.. but while I have plenty of artwork to do, I know now that I can’t get anywhere on my own.. I need to ask for help. Though the thing is I kind of know what I need.. and why I need it but I don’t know where to go or who to ask for to help me get it..

This will all become apparent in future posts.. so for now I hope you like my new website and the artworks that I have shown. I will be posting the new stuff as soon as I can after it’s been created. I’d like to think that I can sell it so that in turn I can move towards my goals and dreams…

For now thanks for reading and I’ll catch you at the next post! Cheers.