Hello everyone.. sorry about taking so long to publish a new post.. I’ve been busy and in a mild funk to boot.. but more of that in another post.

I’ve been working hard, new website Vivanteart.com – I would love for you to check it out! it’s still early days with it and I need to make it responsive – so apologies to phone and tablet users it’s coming! and new business cards too! In a related note, you may wonder why the style of my blog has changed.. I did that to so that it fits better into my new website. Let me know what you think.

For now, I’d like to share with you that I am just over half way through my first ever personal exhibition at Expoz’Art Gallery in the growing town of Rolleston to the South of Christchurch, New Zealand. All has been good and good interest has been shown but no sales to date. I’m by no means discouraged by this. I’m new, I have only been creating for a short while in relative terms and I’m still working on trying to create worthy work and getting it out there. I’m sure things will improve with time.


I’m now preparing creating and preparing work for inclusion in the next exhibition I’m involved with which is a group one hosted by Linwood Community Center in Christchurch.
I am very happy to be involved with this Mixed Media Show as almost all of the other participants are not only local artists but friends as well … I’m sure it’s going to be a wonderful show which runs from the 21st March to 9th April.


And now I would like to share with you two works I have in progress, one being a stream of consciousness graphite and colored pencil abstract/surreal piece and the other ink and watercolor (Faber Castell Durer Watersoluble pencils) A classic Pontiac from a photo I took at the recent Rangiora Muscle Car show.. I need to get this completed by toomorrow so I can get it mounted ready for the above new show. Enjoy.