Hi everyone, I thought I’d share with you some of the little and not so little bits and pieces I’ve done recently.. some of these have been just little “plays” on a new paper/surface (Bristol Vellum) and a couple of the others have been just random pieces while I think about my next more significant pieces..

Here are the experiments on the Bristol Vellum

BristolVelllumTest2wbBristolVellumTest1wb BristolVellumTest3




This piece was a play on Arches Watercolor Paper 300gsm/140lb Smooth, Faber Castell Polyhromos



And this piece in my regular sketchbook also Faber Castell Polychromos..I thought I’d give it the addition of a quote.. just to give it some more interest.



My next pieces will be more serious pieces and I am contemplating using digital vector as the medium.. I saw a custom starwars poster and I was very taken with the style so I’m going to experiment with that for a bit! Thanks for reading..  sorry for the delay in posting I’ve had a lot on my mind lately – thinking about where I am, where I am going.. what I am doing it for.. I have been thinking about making a post about this… making a very big decision in my life to follow my passion, my heart and my dreams.. crossing a void hoping that someone special is there to catch me when I land.. take care.. 🙂