Time to get a little personal about me and my life…. I have been contemplating some HUGE changes in my life – I have been feeling for some time now that I am living in the wrong place (geographically) and not around the people I really want to be around with… basically it boils down to two main categories.. and then thirdly some way to some how make this all happen…

  1. My career as an artist and designer – I complete my Honors Diploma in a couple of short weeks… I have been thinking a lot about how I can best expand on what I have built on over the last two years and push myself forward in a positive way that will nourish my needs and my soul – I discovered that I want to help people reduce their anxiety through my artwork… So now I need to think about how I can find the people who would benefit from the work I do.. many people have told me that they can get lost in my work and see and find many different things… so I want to scale that effect up and see where that takes me.
  2. Relationships… I’m only a couple of months away from my divorce being finalized and then I am clear and free to move forward. “The world is my oyster – but I found my pearl 14,000 miles away” I met someone serious online over two and a half years ago (from the US) I’m just going to call her LunaG – we’ve had some ups and downs and whatever has happened in our lives we’ve come back together… but the insane thing is that she’s on the other side of the globe and now it’s time for me to really work hard to try and make this happen. She appears to be the most perfect person for me I could ever have imagined.. so near yet to very very far away from me.. we seem to barely stop thinking about one another … I’ve thought very long and hard about this and I can feel it so deeply within me that my life can only flourish further if I can make it there.. both relationship and career… I’ve been wanting to make this post for a very long time and I’m finding it hard to put it into words how I feel and how I want to express it… the other thing apart from the special relationship is all the amazing friendships I’ve made over the last 10-15 years through art and design… I want to meet and spend time with so many of them – I’ve never been anywhere for a proper holiday for my whole working life..

I think it’s about time I took some big steps in a new direction… what better reason at the least than LOVE… time to work harder but I will need help to get the funds to make this happen but I have some ideas (well at least two) but I’ll leave that for my next post… I don’t know where this post might take me.. I’m ready for whatever happens.. and if you got this far, thank you for reading perhaps you’ll follow my new trajectory wherever that may take me… take care..