Okay here I am – a new year and a new set of online clothes! I hope you like it!
I don’t know how many of you have seen my old posts, not that there were many of those and how many of you are new, seeing my posts and my work for the first time, I’d like to cordially welcome to you to my new online home. At least for now until I can get some hosting etc and be completely independent of the wordpress website.
I was doing well late last year and got some good online momentum going but then I lost general internet use for over three weeks and it just killed that momentum. But that was good because now I have a faster connection and unlimited data and I can really start moving forward with all the things I wanted to do.
I also managed to get a new laptop – I had been a staunch Mac guy going all the way back to about 1994! but at this point my finances dictated that I get a PC laptop – the good news is I was able to afford quite a good powerful one so I am very happy about that! plus I’m getting used to the Windows 8.1 operating system. So far so good.. and perhaps another story for another day!

I’m sorry if this post comes across as being disjointed – I’m not really a particularly good writer and I tend to ramble a bit but I’ll do my best to not be too boring or anything else – I’m sure the more I post the better I’ll get, isn’t that how it works?


New Pieces

I have been able to create some pieces over the extended holiday/New Year break… the art school I attend remotely starts again on the 4th – but I have still created some small pieces. Experimenting with Pencil, watersoluble colored pencil Faber Castell Durers, and Faber Castell PITT pens. These small ones have been created on Fabriano watercolor paper which has quite a heavy texture to it, which has been an interesting experience during the use of the pencils etc.. but they’ve been good in getting me warmed up for the larger pieces I plan on creating from now on.

The Monkey

The Monkey thank you Danny Gregory (who I’ve been following for a long time now and has been very inspirational to me)┬áhas visited me quite often so to try and stay motivated I created this small poster.. it’s been a very long time since I had to hand letter something – there’s the designer in me coming out. Though he visits less now, I have plenty of ideas and things I want to try and practise to get out there… so it’s all good.. but I still have a great deal of trouble starting… I’m not too sure why this is… maybe I’m afraid I’m not going to get the results I want and this barrier just comes up and I end up doing something else.. . but I know that that is just silly I just need to get going and do it…



Plans for 2015

I have big plans for this year, to get my work out there and seen by more people and hopefully find some buyers and collecters… but my biggest plan at the age of 47 is take my first ever long vacation to the US and visit my someone very special and see what happens from there.. without her I wouldn’t be generally as happy as I am now and I certainly wouldn’t be where I am now following my heart and my dreams. I have absolutely no idea how it will happen only that it will – I’d love it to be through the sales of my work but with life you can just never ever tell… who is out there willing to help to make dreams come true.. .in actual fact I don’t think I’ve wanted to be somewhere, and be with someone so much than I do right now! and here’s where I really start to really work and build on all that I have created and achieved to this point. Maybe I’m being a bit too general, but I think things will become more clear as time goes on and the more I create and the more passionately I hold my dreams and desires!

Mission Statement

I’ve been thinking a lot about my Mission Statement… and I’ve come to the conclusion that I want my work to intrigue and allow people to get lost in it (My surreal work) and for that time – lose any tension and anxiety from your immediate situation or surroundings and feel soothed as I do when I create the work… I’ve had some scary times recently and about the only thing that made me grounded, happy and unafraid was in the creation of my work so it is that feeling of joy and just being lost in another world for a while and that makes what’s really happening around you a bit easier to bear, to deal with whatever situation you’re dealing with right now… well that’s the aim anyway..

Well this is it for now… I just needed to get these thoughts out there as I hope to post at least several times a week and see how it goes.. if you’ve made it this far thank you very much for reading… I really appreciate it.. I hope you’ll come back to read more of my posts and please feel free to ask me any questions or make comments that would make me especially happy.. till next time…