Hi there, it’s been quite sometime since my last blog post. I’ve been working hard creating and finding my way as an artist, finding some direction with my style and voice.

The good news is I am getting there.. I’m enjoying the work and have really started to develop a style as well as getting to grips with some conventional mediums and techniques over the digital that I’ve been used to. You can see the work I’ve been doing over the last few months here: https://vivanteart68.see.me/

Today I am going to show you my process that I used to create the very latest piece which I created using digital – vector art in Adobe Illustrator CS5.

It started life as one of my surrealistic drawings “Cliff”

After this I used some vellum to trace the basic shapes:

The next job is to scan and trace off the lines into vector shapes arriving at this stage:
Having completed that stage it’s on to rendering starting with the background sky, ocean, waves and bubbles:
The next part is to work on the left hand central element and then slowly using layers – tendrils first then working left to right using layers to keep things organised.

The last part is to complete the central bottom area as you can see from above and then add some distress texture to give it a less clinical look.
And there it is complete. It took me quite a few hours and hard work but rewarding none the less! 🙂
I’m going to do a few more of these using a couple of previous drawings and create some new ones too. I hope to have an exhibition with these along with other drawings and pieces I have created.
Thank you very much for reading – I hope you enjoyed following my process and I would really welcome comments.