My name is Piers Le Sueur and I was born in Alderney in the Channel Islands. I immigrated to Christchurch, New Zealand with my parents when I was just two and a half years old.
Digital Art
I had a 20 year career as a graphic designer but I it didn’t go in the direction I wanted it to. After I got laid off twice, I woke up and realized that I was on the wrong vocational path. I opened my heart and decided to follow that instead, to follow my happiness and passion. Creating Art. So now I’m in a full time course – diploma of art and creativity through The Learning Connexion in Wellington (I’m working entirely from home). 
My short to medium term goals are to complete the course and hold an exhibition of my work generated through my course. I want to make steps towards becoming a self sufficient artist and take steps to emigrate to the USA, where I will continue my new art journey. 
My longer term goals are to run my own art studio and perhaps my own gallery where I can exhibit and sell my own work as well as others. I also want to create a line of printed work derived from my fine art that I can sell and use the profits to help charities to give people a hand up who’ve fallen on hard times as I have in the past.
(Photography – statue from a local park)
I love to draw, paint (Watercolors, Acrylics and Gouache) and digital vector art. My goals are to create fine art pieces as well as postcards, greeting cards and posters.
Here I hope to share my experiences good and bad… maybe get some advice and maybe give some as well.

Thank you for listening.